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Preservation of stem cells

Animacel enables preservation of animal stem cells in a bank of dog and horse stem cells.

Stem cells can be preserved after the removal of fat tissue for stem cell therapy or during any routine operations (such as castration and sterilisation). Freezing and storage of stem cells in our stem cell bank is performed following best laboratory practice rules and ensures that stored cells, prepared for later injection, are in no way different from those prepared for injection immediately after collection of tissue. Stem cells preserved at a very low temperature retain their primary characteristics for more than ten years.

Stem cell storage after treatment

With each preparation of stem cell for treatment, we also offer the possibility of storing stem cells in our stem cell bank. Therefore, upon future occurrences of problems in other joints, it is not necessary to repeat the process of tissue removal and isolation of cells, which reduces the process of cell preparation for treatments to just 2 - 3 days.


Stem cell storage of young animals

Preservation of young animals' stem cells is advisable for they have a better treatment capability. On any future appearance of problems the preparation process of stem cells for healing is shortened. At the same time cells preserve all the properties of the stem cells of young animals.


The most important advanteges of storing stem cells are:

Stem cells are available for treatment immediately after problems with locomotor apparatus appear.

In dogs or horses requiring treatment, there is no need for a special surgical procedure to obtain fat tissue and there is no waiting for stem cell preparation.

Stem cells for storage can be removed during any one of routine surgical procedures.

Stem cells of younger animals have better qualities and, as shown by number of studies, have a greater potential for treatment of various ailments.